DPN Technology – What is it?


DC Power Line NetworkEsker has developed a patented DC Power Line Network (DPN) topology and is now offering the technology in various product configurations including a standard CAN-Bus Gateway Module (the DC Rider). Designed to communicate on vehicle and marine vessel networks, Gateway Modules contain transmit and receive circuitry allowing them to receive CAN-Bus inputs from items such as switches and sensors and to control CAN-Bus enabled outputs such as lights, motors, actuators, controls and gauges.

The topology includes methods of combining power and communication on the same bus with an emphasis on electromagnetic compliance (EMC) performance. The Modules used in the DPN act as a gateway between a J1939 Controller Area Network bus (CAN-Bus) and a DPN-Bus. While CAN-Bus has grown since its introduction in the early 1980s to be the most widely used vehicle communication protocol, it has restrictions and special requirements. By integrating CAN-Bus with a DPN, the communication bus is further simplified and enhanced, enabling improved performance and expanded applications.

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